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Namaste & Welcome.

Inviting your children for the new SHINE (Spiritual Heritage of India for Next-gen Empowerment) weekly batch set to start  from June 2022 onwards. 
Time : Every Sat 10am IST
Age    : 7 to 12 yrs old
Fees   : Rs.1000/- per 4 sessions attended
 Classes include:
      • Understanding of God & Dharma
      • Svadharma & Karma
      • Panchamahayajna-s (our BIG 5 connections & duties)
      • Knowing our ‘Ishta Devata’, Guru Parampara & Scriptures
      • Learning prayers & shlokas, 5-step Puja, Panchanga & Festivals
      • Following a value-based life
      • Yatras, Temples of India
      • Introduction to Sanskrit sounds & basic conversation
      • Discussions, Role models, Narration & analysis of Itihasa-s
      • Simple pranayama & yoga postures & much more
      • Improving focus through meditation, puja, chanting & art work
SHINE will help your child be happy, confident, grateful and connected to our blessed heritage, contributing to all round success.
To get a sense of how much learning and fun it will be, scroll down below for a video of the highlights of 2021 Summer camp with children.
Q:Who is the teacher for the camp? 
The online SHINE camp will be facilitated by Mrs Sonali Ambasankar, a teacher of Sanskrit Chanting with students in India and across the globe. A mother of two children, she has been conducting ongoing SHINE classes with other children since the past 3 years. She is a disciple of Swamini Brahmaprajnanada Saraswati and has been studying Vedanta under her since the past 9 years. A singer with training in Hindustani Classical Music, she has worked in the field of Consumer Insights for close to 10 years after her MBA.
Q: What are the requirements for the weekly class?

Since the class is online and interactive your child will need to keep the camera switched on.

Your internet network should be stable. 

Camera and microphone should be working. 

The child could wear earphones/headphones if comfortable.

Q: How the weekly classes be held?
Classes will be held over Zoom. Zoom link will be provided once you enrol. 

Q: If I am not able to enrol my child in June, is it ok to enrol later?
We encourage you to enrol in June, however, it is possible for your child to enrol in later. Only he/she will have missed a part of the teaching already covered earlier. 
Q: It may happen that my child may miss some classes due to exams/outings, etc. What happens to the fees then?

We recommend that your child does not miss class, however, in unavoidable situations, it is OK. You pay for the classes your child has attended. However he/she may miss some part of the teaching.
Q: What if the current time of the class is not suitable for my child?

Do write to us. We can see if we can work around the day & time of the class. 
 Q: How & when do I pay?

You pay as per 4 sessions. A record of the classes attended by your child will be maintained. PayPal/Bank a/c details/GPay/Paytm details will be provided to you once you enrol. 

Q: Will my child’s photos be published?

Class images/contents will be used for our social media and website connect. If you are not comfortable with your child being featured, then please let us know in advance. By agreeing to be a part of the class, you agree and have no problems with your child’s images/videos being published on our social media and website. 

          Q: How do I enrol?

Enrol by messaging/calling/whatsapping 0091 98230 35333 or by writing to



Happy to share the highlights of our  online Shine Summer Camp in April 2021.