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Feedback From Students

Dr. Bina Nangia, Delhi

It is truly my Punya phalam which has got me in touch with Swaminiji, my guru. I was learning Vedanta from various people but Swaminiji has given me the clarity which I needed. Her knowledge of Vedanta is profound, style of teaching, accommodating everyone at whatever level of learning they maybe is amazing. She is clear, systematic and disciplined in her approach.
Swaminiji’s infectious laughter and her smiling face is a treat for me. She has been always available, be it questions on Vedanta or personal situations. It is the comfort level she has given me. In terms of personal growth and change, there has been a 360 degrees shift. What more can I ask Ishvara for? Amazing grace!!!
I am sure I will continue to learn from her and bow my head at her feet. In gratitude always to Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswatiji.

Dileep V, Hyderabad

Om shri gurubhyoh namah. My first experience while studying from Swaminiji is that I have found my path. This is exactly how I wanted to travel to reach my goal (moksha). Second thing I learnt is, normally we have a notion that Vedanta is different and life is different. It’s actually because of Swaminiji’s teaching I learnt that discovery of Ishwara is very much part of life and it is a continuous process.
I like Swaminiji‘s classes because I feel she understands the human mind. Sometimes during classes she explains those very little things in life where we create lot of stress for ourselves. Actually her teaching helped me to have a freer mind in my pursuit. Often I feel that it is Ishwara’s grace that I am studying at her feet and I am extremely happy and thankful for that.

Elaine Rochetti, Brazil

I feel the presence of Ishvara guiding me, correcting me, teaching me, encouraging me, deeply loving me through Swamini’s presence, her words, her eyes.
Understanding her English classes was a blessing. How magical. I really don’t understand how it was possible. I felt blessed with the opportunity of meeting her.
Today I can see myself walking in Ishvara and with Ishvara, walking together with my family, contemplating the blessings of life.

Gunjan Arora, Delhi

Although no words or deeds could ever be sufficient enough to describe the value of what I have gathered from Swaminiji, still I would try to make an effort and express my deep gratitude and love for the teaching I have gained from her.
Having first introduced me to the content and context of the shastra, over these past years, she made the learning of the texts so easy to identify with, so personal and yet so deep and meaningful that it is something which has become a part of my daily attitude and living. In inculcating the teaching as a part of my daily lifestyle, I feel now when I observe, how close it has become to my heart and how it has helped me evolve to a different level of maturity in dealing with circumstances and people.
My motivation in learning the shastra has increased and so has the connection with it. The way she relates the knowledge of the shastra to our personal and daily lives is an extraordinary way of making the two inseparable. I have so much to be thankful for. From first letting me to be a part of the classes, to taking personal interest in solving my queries, to giving her time over the classes, and finally to, so beautifully and wonderfully, teaching me the mantras, I am going to be forever grateful to her.

Hiral Rathod, Mumbai

The understanding given by Swamini ji with relevant examples helps me to understand the meaning of the verses of Bhagavad Gita in a much better and clear way.
The pace in which she explains things allows enough time for the understanding to settle within us.
Even though same doubts come up again and again, she tries to clear them and bridge the gaps in our understanding time and again and ensure that the doubts are radically cleared.
The simple language and words in her explanations, with easy to relate examples and her vast experience and articulation to relate the teachings with ourselves and our daily life helping us to see things in the right light and manner.

Carlos Andrade, Brazil

You know that feeling of borrowing the teacher’s mind during a class? It was my feeling at this Vedanta camp. It was revealing to feel this freedom of understanding even by living strong emotional processes, realizing that the “comfort” of knowledge makes you prefer simplicity to luxury.
I felt literally blessed in Dhanyashtakam’s classes with Swaminiji. What an amazing human being! I’ll never forget that laugh throwing her head back. The conversations with her and Jonas in breaks and meals… The daily examples, practical lessons were so valuable and complemented the “theoretical” lessons that were given! I go home wanting to stay another week. But I follow with confidence and that subtle signs of the existence of this knowledge show me that the knowledge already lives in me.