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You Matter- Insights From Vedanta

You want to have a spiritual experience. Vedanta shines the light on you, the experience through all your experiences.

Your life feels like a burden. Vedanta shares that you are deeply blessed.
Which one is true?

You matter – Insights from Vedanta, is a direct, profound and easy-to-read guide to yourself. Guide to yourself? Yes! Much like the timeless Jnana-Ganga (the river of knowledge) this book helps you navigate your life as you pause at some turns with life insights, apply practical suggestions, give up what is unnecessary as you reach the ocean of oneness, leaving you clear and refreshed.

The book was officially released on Guru Purnima, 4th July 2020 by Swami Brahmavidananda ji .

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Carefully and lovingly curated from Swamini Brahmaprajnananda’s podcast, The River of Wisdom, the topics include the purpose of life, blessings we have each moment, fighting the shadows of self-judgment, being loved, how to be the best version of oneself, the dance of karma, the role of a guru, the relevance of Hinduism for the spiritual-but-not-religious, and much more. Buy Now.