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You can take a mouthful of the waters of knowledge by watching the videos

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Our video offerings aim to educate, inform, inspire, move, delight and teach about life matters, why and how Vedanta matters and a lot that is in between.

The 12 + streams that join Jnana-Ganga through different playlists are –        

1. Teaching through Vedanta texts – This is what traditional teaching and learning looks like. These are public but there are many videos of texts that are unlisted and available only to committed students. 

A. Ganapati Atharvasheersha Upanishad


The meaning of this profound Upanishad which is chanted during Ganapati puja and yajna especially during Ganesh Chaturthi is to be listened to. The glory of Ganapati both svarupa and saguna, shine through in a set of 6 videos spanning 5 hours.

B. Kashi Panchakam

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A beautiful set of 5 verses by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya where he reveals the glory of Kashi which means light as you. The metaphors with  historical place Kashi or Varanasi are profound. A set of 5 videos spanning 3 hours.  

2. The profound meaning of stotrams and mantras – Stotras are a collection of devotional verses in Sanskrit which have a profound meaning and reveal the glory of a specific deity.  Understanding their profound  meaning opens your heart deepening your connection with the total that is Bhagavan, the Lord. The videos below range from 25 minutes – 1 hour. Please click to access below.  

A. The meaning of Mahalakshmi Ashtakam stotram

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B. Relating to Shiva is relating to the world – The meaning of Shivashtakam


C. Shivohum – Glimpse of Nirvana shatakam

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D. Celebrating Devi (with the famous shlokas – Ya devi sarvabhuteshu…)

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E. The Glory of Ganga (Ganga Stotram)

05 The Glory of Ganga (Ganga Stotram)

F. The Power of Devi Durga

G. The Meaning of Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra

06 The Meaning of Mrtyunjaya mantra

H. Bhagavan Rama – his greatness and the mantra

03 Bhagavan Rama - his greatness and the mantra

3.  Drops of Ganga – Vedanta wisdom

4. Guided meditations – These range from 20-40 minutes

5. My talks at the World Yoga Festival, UK and at other places.

6. Rays of Wisdom by Arsha Vidya teachers – my interviews with direct disciples of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati ji about their journey and guidance on sadhana for students

There are about 16 interviews which are highly educative and inspiring. For full playlist click here  

7. Short Courses – Bhaava course –Discover the Dance of Emotion in Vedanta (4 videos) and Value of Values (8 videos) based on Pujya Swamiji’s book. Links in Enrol section. 

8. Chords of Oneness – Stotrams and bhajans (mainly by Sonali Ambasankar) that you can listen and/ or learn

9. Videos of talks at some of our events

10. Series of commonly answered questions: 

1. Are you more than the body and mind?

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2. What do you do to contribute to the other’s happiness?

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3. What are the sadhanas for a Vedanta student ?

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4. Should Ishvara be believed in or understood?

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5. Dharma is a manifestation of Ishvara

And much more! It is likely that you will find something you need. 

11. Eye Openers – Animation based videos on topics related to you that will yes! open your eyes in a quirky yet profound way

1. Calling Ganesha


What happens when someone calls Ganesha and complains about his unanswered prayers? Find out below.

2. Five Reasons we need a GURU


A light-hearted yet deep and reflective 10 minute drive into the controversial topic of why we need a Guru. Might the reasons we need a Guru be the same reasons we resist one? This is for spiritual and reflective people and not for people seeking mindless entertainment.

3. Trailer- I want everything now!


What happens when a flourishing city in under attack and everyone starts demanding, “I want everything now”? Trailer out now.

2. I want everything now!- Movie Out Now


What happens when a flourishing city in under attack and everyone starts demanding, “I want everything now”?  Movie out now.

5. A story about a cloud of doubt

What happens when a flourishing city in under attack and everyone starts demanding, “I want everything now”?  Movie out now.